The Blog

My main blog used to be built from the ground-up with a rather-spaghetti-coded CMS/parser I wrote way back in my second year in college. It used to break a lot which resulted to some quirks which, thankfully, no one seemed to notice. At it’s current iteration (this is the fourth!), this blog is powered by WordPress.

My blog usually featured a light box of content centered on a dark background. But for this WordPress version, I opted for a lighter theme. The theme is a modified version of Daniel Zhao‘s Pilot Fish WordPress theme. The default fonts are Palatino for the body text and Georgia for the headers.

I use Linux but not when I created this blog. I found dealing with permissions on my Linux box (needed to run WordPress locally) too time-taking. This was created in Windows 8.

Note that I have not (yet) imported all posts from my previous blog to this one.

The Photographs

I started taking an interest to photography when I was in my senior year of high school. The camera I had access to then was a Polaroid izone300. It’s not a very good camera—I believe it falls into that category called “toy cameras”—but, at least, it taught me that flash is bad and you should strive for natural lighting whenever possible. I had some good shots with it nonetheless, including one which made it to the front cover of our high school paper’s year-end issue. Disclosure: I was the lay-out artist of our school paper then.

At the later part of my freshman year, I got my hands on a Kodak EasyShare C913. Not the best of its line but a long jump from the Polaroid. I had lots of fun with it during UP’s Lantern Parades.

On my senior year, I finally decided to invest in an SLR. I got Sony’s SLT-A35 (which, ironically, isn’t actually an SLR). I’m using it up to now, and I’m loving it.

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