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Programming makes up a huge chunk of my life. I (sometimes) write about what I’m currently up to at {;}. My (side) programming projects which I’ve deemed “done” (though not necessarily “finished”), are at my portfolio website. Those which I’m still actively working on can be seen at my GitHub account.

I’m also interested in photography. I haven’t bothered compiling a proper photography portfolio (contrast to my programming projects) but if anyone asks for one on the fly I’d give them my DeviantArt account. I’m also at Flickr; that’s where you’d find almost all the photographs in this blog as well as some which did not make it to DeviantArt but still got a story or two to tell.

You should totally visit…

The geek webcomic, xkcd. Great wonder at what a person can do with just stick figures. A total must read for people in Computer Science/Math/Physics/Fine Arts. Well, any field, really.

And this guy definitely deserves more attention: the French artist Boulet (English-website linked). I discovered him in 2012 and he inspired me to do sketches again, a skill I quite acquired during my elementary days, used every now and then during high school, and then very sparingly during my undergrad.

December 2013: I used to mention a certain site which collates submitted writings here, on this very spot. At the time I made this page, it featured mostly sensible content, even from the likes of James Altucher, and so it made it here. But then its catalog of submitted writings slowly degraded into a catalog of lists, oh endless lists, that would portray twenty-somethings (my age group) as vain creatures with a rather narrow and one-sided world view. We can be better than that.

In lieu of that December 2013 removal, I offer PostSecret. I don’t know why I did not link to this one sooner but the concept behind the project is cool and the effect is cathartic. Updates Sundays so help yourself to a weekly dose.

Last but not the least, Aeon Magazine. It’s what I read when I’m feeling high and intellectual, as if the singularity that will silence all human hubris is just around the corner, waiting to humble the next pair of eyes that gazes upon it.

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