After getting a piece of paper that says I know…uhhh…”BS Computer Science”, I moved on in life and started fixing my body clock which entailed sleeping on hours most people consider “normal”, an attempt not very successful as of current writing. Sleeping pattern? I sleep, yes, but as to whether there is any pattern in my sleep requires much thought.

Nowadays, if you’re looking for me, I can be found in a condominium in Makati’s red-light district coding in the midst of cuteness. Go figure.


My line of work requires me to read and write on technical matters. I also write about my side projects over at my technical blog. However, things weren’t always like this.

Before I entered college (and got immersed in the arcania of Computer Science), I was an avid reader of artistic literature and a writer more than occasionally. However, in college, artistic literature gave way to math and writing gave way to coding. This is my attempt to get back to writing and reading (by, hey, posting the occasional review).

At times highly personal, welcome to the drabble compilation of The Chad Estioco.

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